International Society for Comparative Adult Education

Elections of ISCAE Officers and Board 2020-2023

8th July 2020

Dear ISCAE member,

As you will know, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was necessary at a late stage to cancel the ISCAE conference which would have been held in early June 2020 at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (as part of the Adult Education in Global Times conference). We had also planned an ISCAE preconference, on the theme of 'Comparing Adult Education in an Age of "Populisms"' in Vancouver; sadly, this together with our informal gatherings also had to be abandoned. Normally, the conference would have been the place at which we reviewed ISCAE's work over the last three years, and planned an agenda for the period ahead. Unfortunately, this was not possible. Normally, too, our officers and board are elected immediately following discussions at the conference.

ISCAE's Officers and Board Members are elected on three-year terms. It is therefore this year that our terms of office expire, and so we are giving notice that the election of officers and board members will be held in September 2020. We shall hold the election in two phases:

Phase I: Nominations. Nominations of candidates must be sent to the President (john.holford@nottingham.ac.uk), with a copy to the Vice-President (marcella.milana@univr.it), to arrive no later than 12 noon CET (Central European Time) on Sunday 6th September 2020. You can nominate yourself, but you must be supported by two other ISCAE members. See below for information to be supplied. (Note: neither John Holford nor Marcella Milana will be a candidate in the election.)

Phase II: Voting. Details of nominated candidates and ballots will be circulated to all members in the week commencing Monday 7th September. Completed ballots must be returned no later than 12 noon CET on Monday 21st September 2020.
The results will be announced the following week; the new officers and board will take office with effect from 1st October 2020. Nominations are sought for the following positions:
- President (one)
- Vice-President (one)
- Board Members (five)

According to ISCAE Statute 3.4, "All members can nominate candidates. Each nomination has to be supported by two additional members of the Society."

The current Board feels strongly that the membership of the ISCAE Board should be more diverse, geographically, nationally, and ethnically. At present it is composed entirely of white Europeans and North Americans. We strongly encourage candidates from all parts of the world, South as well as North, and with diverse ethnic backgrounds, to come forward. (Note, however, that the board's discussions and business are conducted in English.) The current Board also feels there is a strong case for amending ISCAE's governing statute to ensure more diversity in its membership. The Board cannot, of course, alter the statute, and this election must be held according to the existing rules. However, we do propose to the new Board that it should give attention, as a matter of priority, to a review of the statute in order to strengthen diversity among its members. If you wish to discuss the possibility of becoming an officer or member of the Board, you may write informally to John, Marcella, or any member of the current board. Nominations should be submitted by email by the candidate. The following should be attached:
- statements of support from two other ISCAE members (as e-mail attachments);
- candidate information and statement as set out in the attached "Candidate Presentation" form.

The ISCAE Board meets not less than twice each year, online or face-to-face, to plan and make decisions about the Society's activities. The President, Vice-President and Board members are responsible for planning and organising ISCAE activities (conferences, website, publications, etc.), representing ISCAE within the national and international research community, and disseminating information about and promoting ISCAE. Please note that only members of ISCAE are eligible to be candidates or to nominate candidates. (A list of members is available at www.ISCAE.org) Each member may nominate not more than two candidates. At this dangerous time in international affairs, the strengthening of connections and understanding among adult education scholars in different countries and continents is particularly important. ISCAE has an important role to play in this. As mentioned above, we are not standing for election. This is because other commitments mean we cannot play a sufficiently active role in leading the Society over the next three years, and because we wish to provide room for the Board to become more diverse.
Please let us know if you have any questions or need further information.

With best wishes,

John Holford (President)
Marcella Milana (Vice President)

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International Society for Comparative Adult Education

Election of Officers and Board Members 2020

Candidate Presentation:

Each candidate should complete the information requested below. This will be made public on the ISCAE website to inform members about you. Include a digital photograph of yourself; this will also be made public on the website.

Nomination for: President / Vice-President / Board Member [Delete as appropriate]



Institutional affiliation:


Academic position:


Research interests:


Statement explaining your involvement in ISCAE activities to date, and your ideas for how it should develop (max. 100 words):




  Complete and return this form to the President (john.holford@nottingham.ac.uk) and to the Vice President (marcella.milana@univr.it) by 12 noon CET (Central European Time) on Sunday 6thSeptember 2020, stating your willingness to stand for the role, and to serve if elected. You must also attach two statements (as email attachments) from the ISCAE members who are supporting your nomination.
Please note that if the required information and statements of support are not provided, the nomination will be invalid.