International Society for Comparative Adult Education


Following the statutes of ISCAE the Society is administered by a President, a Vice-President, and a Board of no more than five members. Together they are responsible for overall policy and direction of the Society.

Michal Bron jr
  Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden. Associate professor (adult education). Research interests: History of adult education, comparative studies in social sciences, adult education and civil society.
Active member of ISCAE (and its predecessor) since mid-1970's. Member of its Board since 1995 and President since 2008. Co-organizer of all ISCAE conferences and co-editor of its two volumes.
Jost Reischmann
Chair of Andragogy em. Bamberg University Germany. Research interests: Foundations of Adult Education, Didactics, Evaluation, International Comparison. Inducted into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame. "President's Award for Exceptional and Innovative Leaderships in Adult and Continuing Education" of the American Association of Adult Education. More info: www.jost.reischmannfam.de
Founding Member of ISCAE, President 1992-2008, Vice-President 2008-today. Co-organizer of the five ISCAE-conferences, host in 1995 and 2006, co-author of the two ISCAE-books.
Board Members
Regina Egetenmeyer
  University Professor for Adult and Continuing Education at Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg, Germany. Research emphases: International and Comparative Adult Education, Informal Learning, Professionalisation of Adult and Lifelong Learning. Comparative Research Projects: Egetenmeyer (2008) 'Informal learning in corporate learning cultures. An intercultural comparative study' & Egetenmeyer/Nuissl (2010) 'Teachers and Trainers in Adult and Lifelong Learning. Asian and European Perspectives.' Member of the ASEM-Hub for Lifelong Learning, Network 3: Professionalisation of Teachers in Adult Education. More info at www.adult-education.info
Member of ISCAE. I attended ISCAE-conferences in 2006 in Bamberg and in 2012 in Las Vegas.
 Monica Fedeli
  Monica Fedeli, Researcher and Assistant professor in Adult Education and Human Development at University of Padua - Italy. Specializing in Human development in organizations and Human resource management. Research interests: Adult education and training methodology, organizational behavior, organizational leadership. Member of SIRD (Italian Society of Didactic Research), AAACE (American Association of Adult and Continuing Education) and CIAE (Commission of Adult Education) and Member of different Scientific Committees involved in the development of competences and training in organizations. Attending the ISCAE-conference 2012 in Las Vegas.
Collaborating actively with ISCAE, I want to promote its Mission in Italy and involve my University in inviting in the future for an ISCAE Conference.
  John Henschke
Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO USA. USA. Associate Professor of Education, Chair of the Andragogy Doctoral Emphasis Specialty. Research interests: Foundations of Andragogy, Self-Directed Learning, Learning Contracts. More information: http://www.lindenwood.edu/education/andragogy/
Past President of AAACE. Past Chair of the Commission on International Adult Education of AAACE. Inducted into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame. Visiting Professor of Beijing Radio and Television University.
Founding member of ISCAE, Board-member since 1995, attending all ISCAE-conferences, host of ISCAE-conference in St. Louis 2002, co-organizer of 2012-ISCAE-conference Las Vegas.
 Marcella Milana
Associate Professor at Aarhus University, Denmark. Research interests: education for democratic citizenship, participation in adult education, the professionalization of adult educators, and adult education policy; current interest global polity in the field of adult education. As a Marie Curie Fellow, I am researching these processes thanks to a grant by the European Union, paying special attention to the interplay between the UNESCO, the European Union and a selected pool of countries from North America, South America and Europe. More information: http://www.dpu.dk/about/mami and http://au.academia.edu/MarcellaMilana
I have been serving ISCAE as a Board member since 2009. In this capacity, I have contributed to the revision of the societies' statute and the organization of its 5th conference, which was held in Las Vegas, USA, on November 3-6, 2012. Further, I have been promoting the society and its activity, especially within the European context, also thanks to my involvement in the research network on Policy Studies in Adult Education, under the European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA).
 Elizabeth A. Roumell
Texas A&M, College Station TX, USA. Assistant Professor, Education Doctoral Programs. Research interests: International and comparative education; adult identity development; educational technologies and blended learning; qualitative research methodologies; European models of adult and continuing education; transformative learning; women's issues and access and inclusion in higher education.Co-chair for the International and Intercultural SIG within the Commission of Professors in Adult Education (CPAE) within the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE). More information: https://sites.google.com/site/eaerichsen/
Dr. Roumell joined ISCAE in 2012, actively participated in the conference in Las Vegas, and helped working on the statute of ISCAE.